How to Plan a Fall Wedding

Fall season is undeniably beautiful! The leaves changing colors to oranges and red, the weather and the feeling in the air make this time of the year a perfect moment for romance, falling in love and of course weddings! Take advantage of this gorgeous season and let us help you plan your special day. Rest assured we will steer you off ideas that scream Halloween wink.

Get a pen and paper handy and take note of the tips below in planning the perfect fall wedding.

Why choose a fall wedding?

We can think of a dozen reasons to choose an autumn wedding. Aside from the nature providing you a free gorgeous and picture-worthy backdrop, fall season let you enjoy your wedding without thinking of your guests suffering from extreme weather conditions, unlike during summer or winter. You can also save a lot from the usual wedding expenses. Since summer is still the most picked season for weddings, vendors can be generous in lowering their rates to fill their calendars. Flowers and travel is also a lot cheaper during this time. To top it all, you can avoid the busy season. This is the time of the year when it is less likely that your guests have already booked a vacation somewhere or already committed to going to another wedding. It is also less probable that your chosen venue and vendors are already booked, so no rush!

So now that you are convinced that a fall wedding is a great decision, here are some tips in planning your big day:

  1. Keep an eye for discounts and freebies. In booking wedding vendors, don’t be too shy to ask for special rates. Since fall is not a very busy time for weddings, chances are your vendors will be happy to give discounts when you book them. Wedding planners, makeup artists, and venues will be willing to cut you a deal so they can generate more business in this off season. 
  2. Take advantage of the season’s natural beauty. Gorgeous fall foliage backdrop, leaves falling and changing color is every bride and groom’s dream. So be sure to tell your photographer to plan many shoots for you outdoors.
  3. Keep yourself and your guests warm. Fall temperature can be cool and crisp especially as the night falls. Cute boots and pashminas are fashionable and practical accessories you can add to your wedding OOTD. It can also get a bit nippy for your guests so make sure you have announced a dress code ahead of time and remind them to come in warm clothes. 
  4. Serve a fall feast. Add a few autumn favorites to the table – pies, apple cider, donuts, caramel apples, and s’mores will be a delicious treat and a sure hit to the guests!
  5. Embrace seasonal décor and rich palettes. Choose seasonal colors for your wedding motif – red, brown, orange, and gold are just some of the popular choices. Set the theme starting at your stationeries and invitations up to the table decors. Aside from the seasonal colors, you can also be creative with maple leaves, gourds, and corn stalks in your decors and use wildflowers for you and your bridesmaids’ bouquets.
  6. Keep the ambience of the wedding relaxed and comfy. For outdoor weddings, you can either prepare a fire pit or heat lamps so guests can still be cozy and comfortable as they party the night away. You can also offer throw blankets in each table and setup a hot cocoa and coffee station for your guests to enjoy.
  7. Don’t forget the cozy gifts. There are several fall gift ideas you can choose from – warm blankets, comfy slippers and candles are some of the choices that will keep your guests happy as they bid you goodbye when the party ends. 
  8. Be prepared for the unexpected. Try to anticipate some weather changes and how it will affect your wedding. For example, be careful not to book a wedding venue with dirt as flooring. If it rains, it will be very uncomfortable for guests to walk around. Also try to avoid tall pedestals or ceremony pieces because if it gets too windy it will only be fall over.